The Good “Prostitute” VS The Vile “Producer” and Scapegoaters

Recent Video “Hackers” & “Twitchers,” The Jew-Gentile Paradigm, Muhammad, First Commandment, Prostitution, Animal Cruelty, Commoditizing, The Victim-Victimizer Machination, “Anti-Semite,” Military Misuse, 2000th Anniversary, World Leaders, Nation of Japan & The Japanese Culture, Martin Luther, My Catholic Pedophilia Abuse, Scapegoating (Demons, Arkons, etc.). The Substance of Psychopathy. AIDS.

Non-Hateful, Nonviolent Solution.

Most Peoples Support Israel’s Existence & Live The Zion Within

Most Peoples Support Israel’s Existence & Live The Zion Within

The difference between The Way of Zion & the development of Politicized Zionism through the 19th Century invention of Dispensationalism. My work is entirely about ending Women’s Oppression, Black Hate, Homophobia, Pedophilia, Sex Trafficking & the Enslavement Systems of Empire-ism. Climate Change = Carbon Taxes. The solution is before us, nonviolent & non-hateful. Oprah Winfrey’s voice is one that does eclipse the Global Media. Son of Secret Service mother. I speak of why my last book was about Oprah & Eckhart Tolle, and why I no longer sell the books, and why she is a ‘key’ unto the desired global solution from something that happened to me in childhood.