Adult Material; Nonviolent Solution. CONTENTS: First Commandment, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Ephesians 1:4 (Before the foundations of the world we are w/o sin & to continue, that we should remain w/o blame & in love, as we are birthed of this Good Spirit & Way), Houses of Bondage, Idolaters, Circumcision of the Heart (Romans 2:25-29), Antisemitism, Jewish Ancestry, US Secret Service, Catholic Family, San Francisco & 1906 Earthquake, Biblical Definition of Jews & Gentile, Holy Land, Us-vs-Them, Divide & Conquer, Misogyny, Racism, Homophobia, Twitter, Atheism, American Atheists, Richard Dawkins, Ricky Gervais, Ben Shapiro, Fake Opposition, “Dead Letter” Revelation, Politics, Matthew 12:32, Allah, “Truth makes us free,” #AbolishTheMonarchy Trending (not Biblical), THE ONE ANTI (Anti-Law 1 of God), Public Debates, Acts 10:34, “Open Door,” Fascism, George Carlin, Marjorie Taylor Green, Trump, Biden, Pelosi, LGBT, Two Genesis Creation Stories, “Divine Feminine,” Virgin Mary, “Divine Masculine,” “The Word,” Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, The Chosen Ones, Bill Maher, “Religulous,” “Politically Incorrect,” Christians, “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing,” Hypocrisy, Cambridges, Harry & Meghan, Queen Elizabeth, Mind Control, Elitism, Retweets, Prince Charles, Arabella Churchill, Winston Churchill, Epstein, Pedophile Priests, “The stone the builders rejected,” Jewish Space  Lasers, Prince Andrew, Entitlement, Accountability, Science, “Single Bullet,” JFK Assassination, 9/11 Forensics Videos, Laws of Physics, The BBC, WTC7, “False Prophet,” Ex-FBI Ted Gunderson, New World Order, Ex-CIA George HW Bush, “Death of America,” American Sovereignty, One World Government, Nuclear Technology, Climate Change, Industrial Revolution, Mark of the Beast, “Workless Work,” Faith, Law of Self-Preservation, John Paul II, Prince Williams Affair Trending & “Pegging,” Princess Diana, Beverly Hills Hotel, Japan, Japan Air Lines, Disneyland, Walt Disney, Brice Taylor (nee Susan Ford), Stephen King, Intergenerational Mind Control, Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger, Frank Sinatra, “Thanks For The Memories,” Arabella Churchill, Woodrow Wilson, Federal Reserve, Greatest Predator on Earth,

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