Adult Material; Nonviolent Solution. CONTENTS: James W. Lee, “The Incredible Story of The Founding of California By Genocide On Its Native People,” Mexico, “Freemasonry The Gold Rush,” Michael Franzese, Christopher Columbus, “West One America,” Genocide, “Mexican-Californio’s,” Kit Carson, James C. Fremont, Queen Califa, “Manifest Destiny,” Peter Burnett, Mormon Territory, Joseph Smith, Spiritualism, “Blessed are the poor,” Misogyny, Racism, Wars, Mormon Militia, Universalism, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Reno (Nevada), US Secret Service, Non-Locksteppers, Ritual, Slaughter of the Innocents, Jesus, Circumcision of the Heart, Houses of Bondage, First Commandment, God, Politics, Animal Cruelty, Noah, Book of Revelation, Freedom VS. Fascism, Antisemitism, “Pay Caesar what is due Caesar,” Bill O’Reilly, War, Stephen King, Fake Opposition, Climate Change, Abortion, Separation of Languages, Tongue of Fire, Burning Bush Cranial Nerve System, Germany, Sins of the Fathers, My Cup Runneth Over, Holy Grail, Tom Hanks, Dan Brown, Blood of Christ, Inquisitions, Crusades, Charlemagne, World War III “Armageddon,” Apex Elite, United States Sovereignty, “Death to America,” Atheism, Angels & Demons, Angel Gabriel, Angel Michael, Angel of the Holy Spirit, “Land of the Free,” Matthew 12:32, Personal Responsibility, Oprah, Russell Brand, Japan, “Mutual Bow,” Yokohama, Tokyo, Problem Source.

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