Adult Material; Nonviolent Solution. Adult Material; Nonviolent Solution. 22 years of appeals, Hollywood Stars, Media, Women’s Oppression, Anti-Gay, Racism, God, Jesus the Christ, Matthew 12:32, Character, Circumcision of the Heart, The term “Jews,” Scientific Forensics Videos of 9/11, Roman Empire, Homosexuality, Male Domination, Divine Feminine & Masculine Natures with all humans, “Desire & Creation,” War, Hate, Antisemitism, First & Greatest Commandment, “The All of The Law,” Revelation 2:9, “Synagogue of Satan” (not about Jewish folks), USA, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, “Man Child,” The term “Temple,” Virgin Mary, New World Order (Does it exist or not?), George HW Bush, President Biden, Ex-FBI Ted Gunderson, Social Media, Slaughter of the Innocence, Ritual, The Chosen Ones, Catholic, Jewish, Atheist, Lesbians Oppressed, Pete Buttigieg, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, The term “Abomination” (not Gay Men), Bible-mockers, Revelation of the Dead Letter vs. Living Spirit, “The dead shall rise,” The term “Gentile,” Atheists Dawkins & Gervais & Maher & Shapiro, “Houses of Bondage,” “Pharaoh,” Corporatocracy, Empire Structures, Tower of Babel, Nimrod, Mystery & Confusion, “Tongue of Fire” & “Burning Bush,” DC Politicians, The Vatican, Pedophile Priests, Victim & Survivor, Depression, Suicide attempt at 9, 49-years Bible Study, St. Joseph’s College (Old Mitsubishi Plane Factory in Yokohama), The One Intermediary “Man Jesus Christ,” “King of the Jews” (not Gentiles), Anti-Jewish Videos, Talmud, Romans 2:25-29, Literalizing & Weaponizing Spiritual Scripture, Religious Homophobia, Gay Pride, National Pride, Grace, Humility, The Second Coming, “All Eyes Shall See,” “The stone the builders rejected,” Hypocrisy, Brother Chang, Pope Francis, Trump, “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing,” THE ONE ANTI (Anti Law #1 of God), Peace, Holy Land, Dead Literalism, The One Church of The Christ, “The Word,” “Fallen Angels,” “See it for what it is,” Sons of God see the Daughters of Man, We are “gods” or “i ams,” The “I AM,” “Daughters of God,” Worldly Ornamentations & Glory, The “Greatest Gold,” The Desires of Man VS. Desires of God, “Self-Gain,” Truth & Wisdom of God, “Great Reset” or Restoration of “the stone the builders rejected” VS. The WEF Great Reset, Desires to stop Racism, Misogyny & Oppressions, “Fake Opposition,” There is a Solution, “As you sow, so shall you reap,” “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” Slogan, Heaven & Hell, The term “Alien,” UFO Technology, Mae Brussell, Bill Cooper, “The Stranger,” Law of Moses, Noah’s Flood Story, The Literal Church, Literal Communion Ritual, Literal Confession Ritual, “Literal things” VS. Substance & Integrity of Character, Proselytizing some “One Truest Religion,” Religious Separatism VS. The One Way of God & Christ, My Tweets on Twitter, Online Followers, Mother with the United States Secret Service 22 years, Political Extremism, Religious Politics, The Antisemites, JUST ONE ANTI, Man’s Laws & Covenants, Coverups, Epstein Coverup, Humans “tuning out,” Love.

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