Adult Material; Nonviolent Healing. Diana Ross, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Bible, Untaught Revelations, Bette Davis, Joan Rivers, Edgar Rosenberg, Anne Bancroft, Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball, Eddie Murphy, Roy Cohn, Pahlavi Family, Adnan Khashoggi Family, Michael Eisner, Madonna, Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey, KISS, Johnny Carson, Mark Goodson, Marvin Davis, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Marlo Thomas, Phil Donahue, Jennifer Jones, Olivia DeHavilland, Ginger Rodgers, Texas, Japan, Paris, San Francisco (New Paris) & 1906 Earthquake, Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson, Prince Albert (Monaco), Clive Davis, Marge Redmond, Madeline Kahn, Jon-Erik Hexum, Richard Attenborough, Ben Kingsley, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, James Caan, David Birney, Princess Grace, “Dynasty,” Joan Collins, Heather Locklear, God, First Commandment, Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia, “Abomination,” Janet Charleton, Catholic School, Japan, Japan Air Lines, “Workless Work,” Faith, The Tree of Knowledge of Good & of Evil, Personal Responsibility, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Human Rights, US Secret Service.

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