Adult Material; Nonviolent Healing. Atheism, Imperialist “Apex Elite,” One-World Govt, Corporatocracy, National Sovereignty, Famine, Depopulation Agenda, Bill Gates, Tucker Carlson, Eric Swalwell, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Fascism, New World Order, Jew VS Gentile, Romans 2:25-29, Ricky Gervais, Richard Dawkins, American Atheists, Circumcision of the Heart, “Holy Land,” Israel, Revelation 2:9, Synagogue of Satan, U.S. Secret Service, Yokohama Red Cross, Vietnam Veteran Burn Ward, Doris Day, Land of the Segals, Levitical Priests,  Law #1 of God, Slavers posing as Saviors, Ricky Gervais, Animal Cruelty, Yemen, Myanmar, Tigray, Matthew 12:32, The Flood, “My Unorthodox Life,” Julia Haart, “The stone the builders rejected,” Inquisitions, Roman Universal “Catholic” Church, Requerimiento “The Requirement,” Mexico City, INDIGENOUS, Antisemitism, Non-Locksteppers, Pope Francis, Masks, Muslim Women, FGM, King of the Jews, First Law of Moses, “The All of The Law,” David & Goliath, “Dead Letter,” Holy Wars, Pope John Paul II, Queen Elizabeth, Moneychangers,  Lies-by-Omission, “Genetically Modified Skeptic,” Pogroms, Rape of Berlin, Holocaust, WWIII, 4TH Reich, Mark of The Beast, Forced Narrative, 9/11, Laws of Physics, BBC, Democrat, Republican, “Trust The System,” Holy Grail, #1 Hypocrisy, Second Coming, The Great Disappointment, Donald Trump, SOTU, Wall Street TRILLIONS Bailout, Shaun Attwood, Mae Brussell, Eustace Mullins, Ted Gunderson, Deep State, Black Nobility, Secret Societies, The Rapture, “Last Trump,” “The dead shall rise.”

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