Adult Material; Nonviolent Healing. Intelligence Quotient, #1 Hypocrisy, “The stone the builders rejected,” Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth, LGBT, “The All of The Law,” THE ONE ANTI, Slaughter of the Innocence, Mark of the Beast, “Abomination,” Eddie Van Halen, Masculine-Feminine Natures, Virgin Mary, 8th Day Circumcision (of the heart, not flesh via surgery), Jew vs Gentile, Hollywood Commune/Royalty, Christianized Roman Empire, Pedophile-Sex Structures, Matthew 12:32, Revelation 2:15, The Second Coming, “Last trump,” Child Abuse Continues, Matthew 22:21, Inquisitions, Pharisees, Caesareans, Yemeni Starvation, Jewish Ancestry, Hollywood, Marxism, Monopolized Media, Willie Hays, McCarthy-Cohn, “Be Fruitful & Multiply,” Animal Protectorship, Abel vs Cain, “Burnt Offering,” Romans 2:29, Sabbath Day, Holy Grail, Nationalism, Socialism, Communism, Offense VS Defense, Existential Threat, Freedom of Speech, “Great Clampdown,” 9/11 Laws of Physics, 27 Trillion Debt, Jesus The Christ, NWO, Corporatocracy, “Prophecy Fulfilled,” Book of Revelation, Dispensationalism, Restoration of Israel, Armageddon, Trump, Biden, Harris, Impeachment, Royalty, Bankers, Roseanne, False Prophet, California Split, Middle Class, Wall Street, Gold Standard, Cashless Society, City of Refuge, Wage Increases, Nazism, Mussolini, “Deplorables,” Climate Change, Biblical Smoke, Bhopal, Radiation, Animal Cruelty, NOT TO “Drink the blood” of the Creature, Serial Killers, “Dead Letter,” Flood Stories, Zionism, Revelation 2:9, Restoration of Zion, RuPaul, Pete Buttigieg, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Shepard Smith, Untaught Psalm 23 Video.

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