Adult Language, Nonviolent Healing. Video created 01/01/2020 BEFORE COVID. NOTE: Reference to OT Judges is related to 12 “dual” cranial nerves, 12 serving the Left Brain & 12 serving the Right (“24 Elders”; Processes of Judgment; 12 OT Sons of Israel & 12 NT Apostles; Will explain in future video). Edgar Cayce, Reptilians, Archons, Aliens, Deep State, “Blue Maze People,” John Van Auken, Lilith, Amilius, Pharaoh, “The All of The Law,” Epstein Coverup, “Sign in Egypt,” “One Rabbi,” “Jesus The Christ,” Eustace Mullins, Mae Brussell, Federal Reserve, Ted Gunderson, McMartin Preschool, “Fake Media,” Rothschilds, Corporatocracy, THE HAVES vs Have-Nots, “All Eyes Shall See,” The False Prophet, “The stone the builders rejected,” Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution, Honoring Military, Deifying & Demonizing, Nationalism-Socialism, Online Freedom of Speech, “City on The Hill,” “New Jerusalem,” Bioengineering, Animal Cruelty, Middle East Warring, Climate Change, Communism, Lizard-Brains, Nazi UFO Technology, Charlie Robinson, Eric Jon Phelps, Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, Racism, Hammurabi, 22 Trillion Debt, Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, 9/11 Forensics Videos, Patriot Act, The Judges, King David, King Solomon, 666, Song of Moses, Moses is “Drawn Out,” Restoration of Zion, Politicized Zion, Holy Land, Armageddon, The One Anti, Black Slavery, Jazz Age, Prohibition, Deep State, Economic Depressions, Global Monopolizations, Charity, Queen Elizabeth II, “Vicar of Christ.”

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