Adult Material, Serious Language. “The Jews” did NOT kill Jesus, Abel VS Cain, Covenant of God, The ALL of the Law, First Commandment, Magog, Pharisees, Caesareans, Crucifixion, “Stone” of David, “Rock” (Peter), “Rock” at Meribah, “Restoration of Zion,” Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, Mel Gibson, “Passion of The Christ,” Empire’s Monopolized Media, Oprah, Streisand, Queen Elizabeth II, Pope Francis, “New Jerusalem” or “City on The Hill” (assigned to Wash DC), Blood Sacrifice, Angels & Demons, Empire’s #1 Hypocrisy, Masonic System, Mob Systems, Rothschilds, Napoleonic Wars, Knights Templar, Federal Reserve, 22 Trillion In-Debt, Haves VS Have-Nots, Bill of Divorcement, Unwed Mothers, Magdalene Laundries, “Bastard” Children, “Virgin Birth,” “Be Fruitful & Multiply,” “Dead” Literalism VS Living Spirit, Animal Cruelty, “Two Witnesses,” Spirit of The Law VS Letter of The Law, “Easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle,” The Second Coming, The “Last Trump,” The Fruit-Bearing (‘Fig’) Tree, “Caught Up” (‘Rapture’), “Flying Saucer,” Nazi-UFO Tech, Mae Brussell, “Manchurian Candidate,” “Programmed To Kill” by Dave McGowan, “Conspiracy Theorist,” Borderline Massacre, Las Vegas Massacre, Pulse Club Massacre, Gun Control, Tarrant, Breivik, The Beverly Hills Hotel, “Lake of Fire,” “Second Death,” FGM Industry, 8th Day Circumcision, “Fulness of The Gentiles,” “New Earth,” The Lord Jesus Christ “Before the Foundations of The World,” “Word” of God, 2 or More Gathered “In My Name,” Politicized Zion (Zionism), Armageddon, 4th Reich, Infectious Agents, “Sin of Sodom,” Ritual Prayer per The Qu’ran, “First Marriage,” Jew-Gentile Revelation, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” The True Marriage, Commandment 5, Self-Exalters, Franklin Coverup, Jeffrey Epstein, Trump, Clinton, Obama, Charlemagne, Roman Catholic Empire, Anglican Church, Christ-Idolatry, Graham, Falwell, Swaggart, The “antichrists” VS “christs,” “Word of God,” “Mark of the Beast,” Counter-Reformation, Free Speech on The Internet, Jesus “Invented,” Titus Flavius, Pharisee Josephus, “Jesus Divides,” “Olive Trees,” Benjamin Freedman, Zionism, Nazism, Yokohama, Yamate-Cho Walk, “Building Anti-Semitism” in America, Omar, Chabad, Talmud, Torah.