Adult Material; Nonviolent Healing. Oprah, Christopher Bollyn, Jew vs Gentile, “The All of The Law,” World Leadership, “The stone the builders rejected,” Why JC gets Crucified, Wolves in sheep’s clothing The One Anti, God is no respecter of persons, National[ism]-Socialism, Political “isms,” THE HAVES vs the have-nots, Constitution-First, 9/11 Forensics Videos, Epstein Coverup, Federal Reserve, “Make America Great Again,” Deifiers & Demonizers, Mae Brussell, Eustace Mullins, US Military, Mark of the Beast, “Caught up in the clouds,” The Rapture, Tim LaHaye, “The Nazification of The World” (Mae Brussell), Fascism vs Communism, Trump’s 2020 State of the Union, US Debt Clock, Rumsfeld, 23 Trillion in debt, “Great American Comeback,” Mayer Rothschild, THE TRUE “RESET,” Second Coming, “Prophecy fulfilled,” Restoration of Zion, State of Israel, Circumcision of the heart, “Earthquakes in divers places,” Literalization of the Book of Revelation, “Fair & Reciprocal Trade Agreements,” Pelosi, Bill of Rights, Epstein Pedo-Sex Trafficking, “Royal” Plantagenets, BridgeAnne D’Avignon, Corporatocracy, Vatican-Papal Universalist Empire, Queen Elizabeth II, Freedom of Speech Online, Aliens, Nazi UFO Tech, Falkland Wars, “Conspiracy Theorists,” MLK, “Creepy Joe” Biden, Clintons, Crusades & Jihads, Oprah, #1 Question NEVER ASKED, Netanyahu.

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