Adult Language, Nonviolent Healing. Repost/Retitled. Religious-Political Empire, Women’s Oppression, Homophobia, Racism, Transgender, “All of the Law,” First Commandment, Melchizedek, Amram, Jesse, “Lord Jesus Christ BEFORE” the foundations of the world, Non-sexual Union of the “Virgin Birth,” Why God is called a “He,” “Stone the builders rejected,” The One Anti, Plantagenet Tree, Masculine-Feminine Revelation, “Dead Letter,” LGBTQ, “Holy Land,” Jane Fonda, Feldman, Kappy, Roseanne, Baby Burlesques, Nazi UFO Tech, Mae Brussell, JFK Assassination, Monopolized Media, Angelina Jolie, “Goliath” (Empire), Magog, Pharaoh (‘Great House’), Pharisaism, “Mark of the Beast,” “Corporatocracy, National-Socialism, Bible, Qur’an, Military Misuse, “Last Option on the Table,” Epstein Coverup, McMartin Preschool, Boy’s Town, Queen Elizabeth, Squamish Chiefs, Roman Catholic Pedophilia, “All Eyes Shall See,” David & Goliath, Lies-by-Omission, “Second Coming,” “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.”

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