Adult Language. Nonviolent. Rosa Koire, Mae Brussell, Agenda 2030, Literalization of the Book of Revelation, 2000th Anniversary of Christ’s Ministry, “Jesus The Christ BEFORE” the Foundations of The World, Christopher Hitchens’ “Ten Commendments” VS Ten Commandments, Religious-Political-Economic EMPIRE, “The ALL of the Law & the Prophets,” The “Last Trump,” Jericho, “Dead Letter,” LGBTQ, Gay Marriage, Prewar Berlin, Madeline Kahn, Feminism, Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, Vietnam Veteran Burn Ward, Order of De Molay, Women are “Brethren,” “Virgin Birth,” Papism, Jew-Gentile Revelation, Abel VS Cain, “Mark of the Beast,” “Holy Land,” 8th Day Circumcision, “Burnt Offering,” Women’s Vote, Women’s Oppression, “Slaughter of the Innocents,” Sabbath Day, Twiggy, “False Prophet,” Karen Carpenter, “Stone the Builders Rejected,” US Constitution,” Corporatocracy, Fascism, Nationalism-Socialism, David & Goliath, Yemen Starvation, Pedophile Structures, Ted Gunderson, David Shurter, Fiona Barnett, Oprah, 14th Amendment, 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld, 22 Trillion “gone,” Federal Reserve, NAFTA, The HAVES VS The Have-Nots, Daniel Pearl, Jamal Khashoggi, JFK, RFK, John Lennon, “Nazification of The World,” Operation Paperclip, Archduke Ferdinand, Versailles Treaty, Palestine, Ottoman Empire, Song of Moses, “Elect Shall Rise,” “All Eyes Shall See,” Donald Trump, Vatican, Knights of Malta, Rothschilds, Book of Revelation, Pharisaical-Caesarean Empire, Pharaoh, Magog, Plantagenets, Charlemagne, “Useful Charts,” Jesuit-Masonic Tree Secret Societies, Dispensationalism, Politicized “Zion,” Queen Elizabeth, Knight’s Templar, Protestantism, Epstein Coverup, McMartin, Boy’s Town, Franklin Coverup, Masculine-Feminine Revelation, “Abomination,” Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Bolshevism, “Restoration of Zion,” Avro Manhattan, Josephus, King Solomon, 666, Song of Solomon, #DisloyalToTrump, #DisloyalJews, Rape of Berlin, Omar, Pelosi, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” Bill of Divorcement, Armageddon, Earthquakes in “Divers Places,” Solomon’s Temple, Ark of the Covenant, “Caught Up in the Clouds,” The “Cap” on Capitalism, Edgar Cayce’s “Rising Seas” & “Polar Shift,” The Flood Stories, “One Percent,” “Deep State,” Virginia Beach VA, “Four Corners of the Earth,” “Sea of Glass,” “Conspiracy Theorists.”

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