Adult Language, Nonviolent, Scriptural Healing. Women’s Oppression, Racism, Climate Change, Myron Ebell, Communism, “Fear Out There,” Global Monopolizations, Carbon Taxes, Bhopal, My “holy” pedophilia, Vietnam Veterans, Trump, Dylan Ratigan, Obama, Nationalism-Socialism, Mae Brussell, Military Deployment, “Last Option on the Table,” Wage Increases, International Bankers, “Gargoyles,” Armageddon, “Dead Letter,” Literalization of the Book of Revelation, Avro Manhattan, “Haves VS Have-Nots,” Earthquakes in “divers places,” Moses’ raising the serpent, Untaught Revelation of “Sodom,” Luke 12:47-48, “Jesus was a Communist” Ideology, “All of the Law,” Monopolized Media, Mark of the Beast, Free Thinkers, Dispensationalism, “Holy Land,” Song of Moses, Promised Land, “Saved,” Restoration of Zion, State of Israel, Women are “Brethren,” Masculine-Feminine Revelation, Transgender (LGBTQ), Pedophile Structures & Coverups, Holy Wars, “Borderless World, One Globalist Nation,” “Jesus Christ BEFORE” our existence, Magog, Abel, Melchizedek, Jesse, Amos, “First Adam” & “Last Adam,” “Original Sin,” Jew-Gentile Revelation, Abel & Cain Revelation, Pharisees, Solomon’s Temple, First & Second Greatest Laws, The Judges, City of Refuge, Prison Systems, 22 Trillion In-Debt, Online Freedom of Speech, The Bible, Greek & Roman “Myth,” “Lilith,” Church of Satan, “Sinless Sin,” “Slaughter of the Innocents,” Doctrine & Deeds of “The Nicolaitanes,” Yokohama (Japanese Culture), “Bad Press,” “Physician, Heal Thyself,” Animal Cruelty, Scapegoating, Sycophants, “Gothic Drama,” Predestination Dogma, 2 Peter 3:9, “As ye sow,” True (non-literalized) Second Coming, “Fall of Babylon,” “Last Trump,” “Elect Shall Rise,” Luke 21:29, “All Eyes Shall See,” 8th Day Circumcision, Sabbath Day, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” Lightnings & Thunders.

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