Adult Material. The “Word” of God, “Lord Jesus Christ BEFORE the foundation of the world,” The “ALL of the Law & the Prophets,” “Dead Letter” (Literalism), “Restoration of Zion,” Song of Moses, “Mark of the Beast,” Abel & Cain, Jew-Gentile Revelation, Pharisees, “The Jews” did not kill Jesus, “Burnt Offering,” Law of Safety, “Pharaoh,” Magog, Moses’ lifting the “serpent,” “Synagogue of Satan,” International & National Laws, True Atheist, Ricky Gervais, Ben Shapiro, Animal Abuse, The #1 Hypocrisy of “I love God” EMPIRE, Racism, Homophobia, “Leavened Bread,” 2 Peter 3:9, Angels & Demons, Simon “Peter” Barjona Family Tree, “Last Trump,” “Holy Grail,” “All Eyes Shall See,” David & Goliath, The Second Coming, Queen Elizabeth II, The Judges, City of Refuge, Prison Systems, Sanctuary Cities & States, “Safe Spaces,” Luke 14:26, Abraham’s Sacrifice, Mt. Moriah, Netanyahu, “Holy Land,” Zionism, Dispensationalism, Donald Trump, Armageddon.


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