Adult Language. Nonviolent Healing. “Constitution First,” Military Deployment, “Pay Caesar, Pay God,” “Dead Letter” (‘Dead Literalism’), Bill O’Reilly, The Bible & Qur’an, First & Greatest & ALL of the Law, Child Abuse Suicides, “Last Option on the Table,” Education System, Lies-by-Omission, “Nicolaitanes,” Jesus The Christ, Self-Exaltation, “Divided Temple,” Universalism, Brother Chang, “Dead Temples,” Abuse of Power/Hypocrisy, Corporatocracy, Fascism, 9/11 Coverup, 20 Trillion Added In-Debt, Federal Reserve, Mayer Rothschild, National-ISM VS National Identity, MAGA, Hitler’s 1,000 Years of Peace, Avro Manhattan, “Cult of Personality,” “Mark of the Beast,” Women’s Oppression, Racism, Homophobia, “Valley of the shadow of death,” “All Eyes Shall See,” Crucifying Jesus The Christ, Pedophile-Sex Structures, David & Goliath, Moses’ “Serpent in the desert,” “Song of Moses,” “Restoration of Zion,” 8th Day Circumcision, “Holy Land,” King David, King Solomon, The Judges, “Consuming the blood” of the creature, Animal Cruelty, Scapegoating, Abel’s Sacrifice, “Burnt Offering,” Rituals, Us versus Them, Victim-Victimizer Paradigm, Personal Grief, Social-ISM VS Societal Repair, Wage Increases, Pentagon Audit Office, “Lake of Fire,” “Second Death,” “Hell,” Prometheus.

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