Adult-Graphic, Nonviolent, Non-hateful healing.NOTE: In WWII, it is explained, with scripture: Jewish folks were Exemplifying the “Holy Land,” as they would never have done what was done to them; Please know this applies to ALL forced out, along with the many innocent others caught in the maelstrom. Mae Brussell, “Nazification,” JFK Assassination, World Wars, Cold War, State of Israel, Netanyahu, Song of Moses, Oprah, Victim-Victimizer Cycle, Nationalist-Socialist Paradigm, Women’s Oppression, Hatred upon LGBT, “Dead Letter,” John Lennon, Corporatocracy (Fascism), 1913 Federal Reserve, Mayer Rothschild, 20 Trillion Added Indebtedness since 9/11, “Conspiracy Theorists,” Unsolicited LGBT “Ethos” Award, Ghislaine Maxell, Franklin Coverup, Ted Gunderson, McMartin Preschool, Pedophilia, Suicidal Children, Homophobia, “The stone the builders rejected,” Qur’an, The Bible, Lies-by-Omission, Galileo, Inquisitions, The All of The Law & The Prophets, Trump, #DisloyalToTrump, #DisloyalJews, Literalization of the Book of Revelation, Dispensationalism, “Wolves in sheep’s clothing” Military Misuse, Vietnam Veteran Burn Ward, Climate Change, Carbon Taxes, Ebell, “Love of Money,” “Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself,” Church of Laodicea, Earthquakes in “divers places,” “Prophecy fulfilled,” Operation Paperclip, Bolton, Bjerknes, Simon “Peter” Barjona Family Tree, “Restoration of Zion,” 8th Day Circumcision Covenant, Jesus comes to “divide,” “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” Connie Chung, Hatred & Murder of Gays, Consensual Sex, “mark of the beast,” Pope John Paul II, Vatican Bank, Queen Elizabeth II, Ratigan, Epstein, Freddie Prinze, Mama Cass, Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden Family, Jesus The Christ BEFORE the foundations of the world,” Church of Satan, Melchizedek, Jesse, AMRAM (Not Avram), Amos, “Build The Wall,” Great Wall of China, The Beatles, Moon Landing, Armageddon, Georgia Guidestone, “Knowledge is Power,” Benjamin Freedman, Anti-Semitism, Knights of Malta Judge Avro Manhattan, Reichstag, Salazar, Franco, Monopolized Media, Online Bullying, “Greatest Gold.”


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