Adult. Nonviolent, Non-hateful healing. Online Censorship, Freedom of Speech, “Jesus The Christ BEFORE” the foundations of the world, Shaun Attwood, Torben Sondergaard, My pedophile event in the Roman Catholic System, Doctrine & Deeds of the “Nicolaitanes,” “Dead Letter” VS “Living Spirit,” First Commandment, State of Israel, “Holy Land,” “Word” of God, The “All of The Law & The Prophets,” Women’s Oppression, Racism, Arc of Empire, Mae Brussell, “Original Sin,” Adam & Eve, Abel & Cain, “Burnt Offering,” Jew-Gentile Revelation, “Mark of the Beast,” Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Bolshevism, “Workless Work,” Unsolicited LGBT Ethos Award, “Me Too” Movement, Oprah Winfrey, Harpo Productions, Corporatocracies VS Freedom of Speech & Individualism, Law of Safety, Moses’ Lifting the “Serpent” in the desert, Song of Moses, Netanyahu, The Bible & Qur’an, North Atlantic Slave Trade, Book of Revelation, “Synagogue of Satan,” “Conspiracy Theorists,” 20 Trillion added indebtedness since 9/11, Rumsfeld, Mayer Rothschild, 1913 Federal Reserve, Epstein, “N-word,” Slurring “The Jews,” Trump, “Build The Wall,” Great Wall of China, 14th Amendment, “Selfless Spirit, Selfish Ego” Chapters 1-3, Oprah, Tolle, Church of Satan, Dreams VS Reality, “First Adam” & “Last Adam,” “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child,” Inquisitions, Politicized Zion (Zionism), Dispensationalism, Armageddon, World Wars, Palestine, Ottoman Empire, “Last Trump,” “First Begotten Son,” Masculine-Feminine Revelation, David & Goliath, “Zeitgeist” Movie, 9/11 Remembrance.


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