Adult. Nonviolent Healing. Shaun Attwood, “All of the Law” BEFORE Creation, 1st & 2nd Greatest Laws, Pharaohism, Pharisaism, The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Jesus “died for our sins” misinterpretation, Genesis “I AM,” “First Begotten Son,” “Word” of God, Church of Satan, Definition of “evil,” “Holy Land,” Epstein & Maxwell Victim “Virginia,” Gates, Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, Annett, Queen Elizabeth II, Pope Francis, “The stone the builders rejected,” Why God is a He, Masculine-Feminine Revelation, Women are “Brethren,” Transgender, “Virgin Birth,” “Be fruitful & multiply,” Law of Safety, “Lake of Fire,” “Open Door,” Old Roman Empire Rebirthed, First-Grade “holy” pedophilia event, Yokohama, U.S. Secret Service, “Leave, Convert or Die,” Barjona & Segal Family Trees, Levitical Priests, Peter “The Rock,” David & Goliath, Abraham’s Sacrifice, Public Prayer, “Restoration of Zion,” “Mark of the Beast,” “Ceaseless Prayer,” “Valley of the shadow of death,” Free-Thinkers, Armageddon, Book of Revelation, Earthquakes “divers places,” Epstein, Maxwell, International Law, Lies-by-Omission, Consensual Sex, LGBT & Homophobia via The “Abomination” Lie, “Last Trump,” “Elect shall Rise,” Monopolized Media, Moses’ “Serpent in the desert,” Jew-Gentile Revelation, Abel & Cain, “City of Refuge,” Safe Spaces, Sanctuary Cities & States,” Sabbath Day, Papal Universalism (Globalism), Vicar of Christ, “Black Pope,” Jesuit Masonic Tree, Top 13 Families, “Original Sin,” “All Eyes Shall See,” “Tongue of Fire,” The “One Language,” Jim Jones, Mae Brussell, Sondergaard’s “Last Reformation,” Martin Luther, Saint-Making, “Many Mansions,” Protestantism, Inquisitions, Corporatocracy, Fascism, “Nazi,” “Mothers eating their babies,” Baby Burlesques, “Greatest Gold,” Curse of Ham, Noah’s “nakedness” & “drunkenness,” Japheth, Shem, “Ham sodomizes Noah,” “Workless Work,” “Lilies of the Field,” Women’s Oppression, Racism.

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