Scripture instructs to think NOT in terms of Manmade Time, but by the Substance of the Times (and of the Issues, Definitions, Eras). Wishing you a safe, wonderful week.

Adult Material. Nonviolent, Non-Hateful Healing. FOUR STAGES OF THE ONE CHRISTIANIZED REICH. Emperor Theodosius I, The Moneychangers, Empire (Imperialists, THE HAVES) versus The Masses (THE HAVE NOTS). Ezekiel’s Chariot of Fire, Flat Earth, Sodom, “The Stone The Builders Rejected,” Gog & Magog, Literalization of The Book of Revelation & Armageddon, The Seven Churches of Asia Minor, Edgar Cayce, Ingersoll Lockwood, “Laconics of Cult” & “1900,” New World Order.

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