Adult Material. “Creepy” Biden shortly after 28:50 min/sec mark. CLARIFICATIONS: Catholic Laity 1.28 Billion (not ‘over 2 billion’). 2008 Pew Forum: Christianity 2.1 billion (2.3 in 2015); Judaism 14 million (expected at 16 mil by 2050); Islam 1.5 billion (1.8 in 2015). Also, sometimes confuse 4th Century w/The 300’s: The 1st “Holy” Reich defined as 10th Century Origin, but SUBSTANCE of “Holy” Roman-Christianized Empireism starts 4th Century (late 300’s) when Roman Catholicism made the Official Religion (replacing Old Roman Paganism). Nonviolent, Non-Hateful Healing. Unsolicited LGBT “Ethos” award. THE ONE ANTI. God-Usury, Simon ‘Peter’ Barjona Family, The Old Roman “Mobster” Empire, “Holy Land,” Dispensationalism & Birth of Politicized Zionism, Anti-Semitism, Inquisitions, “False Prophet,” Daniel Pearl, Jamal Khashoggi, World War II Ignition, Benjamin Freedman, Atlantis “Empire,” Judge Pirro, Pelosi, Omar, “God Talk,” O’Reilly, Oprah, Gottheimer, Luria, Schneider, Literalization of the Book of Revelation, 2000th Anniversary, “Last Option on the Table,” International Bankers, Woodrow Wilson, Arabella Churchill, Avro Manhattan, US Secret Service, “Fulness of the Gentiles,” Ingersoll Lockwood, Tolle, 22 Trillion “missing,” 9/11 Coverup, Sandy Hook, Holocaust, Rape of Berlin, Balfour Declaration, Song of Moses, Plantagenet Dynastic Tree, Hillary Clinton, Russian Collusion, Soros, National-Socialism Paradigm, Communism, “Creepy” Biden, Knight’s Templar, Jesuits, Washington & Jefferson, Tarrant, Breivik, Communism, White-Supremacist-Zionism, Ted Gunderson, Kevin Annett, Pope Francis, QE II, 14th Amendment, Great Wall of China, GOV’T Shutdown, TSA Responsibility, Bhopal Mass Death, Human Mind “Marvel.”









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