Sexually-Graphic Material, Strong Language. Nonviolent, Non-Hateful Healing. Unsolicited LGBT “Ethos” Pride-In-The-Arts Award.” Mother with US Secret Service 22 years, Vietnam Veteran Burn Ward, Priest Pedophilia, Doris Day, Michael Jackson, The Beverly Hills Hotel, International Law, First Commandment, Jesus The Christ-Mind, “Golden Rule,” Holy Roman Empire, Solomon’s Temple, Restoration of Zion, Yokohama, THE ALL-LAW, Women’s Oppression, Women’s Vote, Women Are Brethren, Masculine-Feminine Paradigm, “Be Fruitful & Multiply,” Virgin Mary, The “Good Abortion,” “Holy Land,” “Ceaseless Prayer,” “Sabbath Day,” The “Abomination” of the “Male lying with the Male,” Jew-Gentile Paradigm, Moneychangers, “Holy Grail,” The Osmonds, LaToya & Janet Jackson, Judge Judy, My Experience regarding M.J., Rodgers & Hammerstein, Jerome Kern, Joy Robson, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” 22 “Missing” Trillion, 9/11 Coverup, 14th Amendment, Demi Moore & Ally Sheedy, Canadian Mass Graves, Ted Gunderson, Olivia de Havilland, “Gone With The Wind,” Ginger Rodgers, “Grace is Free,” Simon “Saint Peter” Barjona & Segals’ Family Trees, Shirley MacLaine, Reincarnation, Resurrected Flesh, Jehovah’s Witness, Lorenz Hart.

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