Adult Material, Strong Language. CLARIFICATION: Sometimes confuse 4th Century w/The 300’s: The 1st “Holy” Reich defined as 10th Century Origin, but SUBSTANCE of “Holy” Roman-Christianized Empireism starts 4th Century (late 300’s) when Roman Catholicism made the Official Religion (replacing Old Roman Paganism). Nonviolent, Non-Hateful Healing. I am of Semitic Ancestries, USA-born & Overcame Roman Catholic Pedophilia thru 45 years of study, writing books, sending to World Leaders since 2000. Unsolicited LGBT “Ethos” award. Mother with US Secret Service 22 years; We Honor Good & Constitution First. CORRECTION: At one point, I confuse Lincoln with JFK re Civil War.  Nazism, Avro Manhattan, Benjamin Freedman, Nationalism-Socialism & Anti-Semitism, God-Usury, First Commandment, Dutch & British “Empires,” Vatican Bank & Queen Elizabeth II, USA “Missing” 22 Trillion, “Last Option on the Table,” Military Misuse, 14th Amendment, Law of Safety, THE ONE ANTI, International Law, “Dialing for Dollars,” Pharisaical-Caesarian Empireism, Crucifixion of Jesus The Christ, “Satan,” US Constitution, Border “Wall,” Women’s Vote, Women are Brethren (creators), “Virgin Mary,” Free Will, Amy Klobuchar, Gary Sinise, 2019 State of The Union, 9/11 Crime & Coverup, Simon “Saint Peter” Barjona Family Tree, Restoration of Zion, “Holy Land,” Old Roman Empire “Paganism,” “Ceaseless Prayer,” The Book of Revelation, Dispensationalism, Politicized Zionism, Armageddon, Second Coming, Sabbath Day, Jew-Gentile Paradigm, Anti-Semitism VS Anti-Jewry, White Supremacy, Roman Catholic Pedophilia, Pope Francis, Palestinians, Ilhan Omar, Pelosi, Trump, Brad Schneider, Elaine Luria, Josh Gottheimer, Pan-Religionism, GOVERNMENT LEADERS’ RELIGIOUS HYPOCRISY (Private VS Corporate), N-Word, “Show Boat,” Whoopi Goldberg, North Atlantic Slave Trade, George HW Bush, John McCain, John F. Kennedy, William McKinley, Abraham Lincoln, Vietnam War, Dulles & Diem Brothers, Holocaust, Rape of Berlin, BridgeAnne D’Avignon, Church of Satan, Patriot Act, “Whore of Babylon,” Mexican Govt & Drug Cartels, Ethiopian Jewish Folk in Israel, Balfour Declaration, Benjamin Netanyahu, Song of Moses.

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