Adult Language. CLARIFICATION: Sometimes confuse 4th Century w/The 300’s: The 1st “Holy” Reich defined as 10th Century Origin, but SUBSTANCE of “Holy” Roman-Christianized Empireism starts 4th Century (late 300’s) when Roman Catholicism made the Official Religion (replacing Old Roman Paganism). Nonviolent, Non-Hateful Healing, THE ONE ANTI, The Oscar Awards, Angelina Jolie, Gary Sinise, Kevin Annett, Jew-Gentile Paradigm, Seven Churches, Edgar Cayce. CHURCH OF EPHESUS (Gonad Glands, Color RED, Planet Saturn), “Spilling the Seed,” Holy Grail, Blood of God, Saturnalia VS Christmas, Sabbath Day, Nazarenes, CHURCH OF PERGAMOS (Adrenal Glands, Color YELLOW, Planet Mars), David & Goliath, The Stone The Builders Rejected, Daniel Pearl, Jamal Khashoggi, Yellow Journalism, Cowardice, Golden Light, CHURCH OF SMYRNA (Lyden Glands, Color ORANGE, Planet Neptune), Ingersoll Lockwood, “Flooding Out” of Destructive Minds, “Holy Land,” Abel’s Burnt Offering, CHURCH OF THYATIRA (Thymus Gland, Color GREEN, Planet Venus), “Four Beasts,” “Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse, Abel & Cain, “The Destroyer,” “Last Trump,” Narcissism, “Lilies of The Field,” City of Refuge, CHURCH OF SARDIS (Thyroid Gland, Color BLUE, Planet Uranus), Deep Depression, The Individual Will, God’s Will, CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA (Pineal Gland, Color INDIGO, Planet Mercury), Why God Is A He, “Immaculate Conception” & Non-Sexual Union of “The Virgin Birth,” Melatonin (got confused with Melanin), Circadian Rhythms, Meditation, Sheol, Joseph (Dream Interpreter), Winged Feet of Mercury, “Birds of The Air,” CHURCH OF LAODICEA (Pituitary Gland, Color VIOLET, Planet Jupiter), “Lukewarm” Spirit-Passion-Faith, Reincarnation (NOTE: No One ‘Born Gay,’ explained also in Part 1), Elizabeth Taylor.

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