Adult Language. Served Khashoggi Family for several years (mid-1980’s). CLARIFICATION: Sometimes confuse 4th Century w/The 300’s: The 1st “Holy” Reich defined as 10th Century Origin, but SUBSTANCE of “Holy” Roman-Christianized Empireism starts 4th Century (late 300’s) when Roman Catholicism made the Official Religion (replacing Old Roman Paganism). Nonviolent, Non-Hateful Healing, Gary Sinise (Due to “noise” from HLWD, weeks ago, rallying for his winning the Humanitarian Oscar), Jamal Khashoggi, Nation of Turkey (‘Asia Minor’), Seven Planets, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, Adnan Khashoggi, Pahlavi Family, Queen Elizabeth, Mark of The Beast, DOGMA THAT TEACHES “Women are Lesser than Men” & “Blacks are Lesser than Whites,” Jesus The Christ, First Commandment (Law of Safety), Daniel Pearl, The “False Prophet,” Moon Landing “Fake,” Japan Air Lines, 9/11 Democrat-Republican Coverup & Denial of 14th Amendment, International Bankers, Jew-Gentile Paradigm, THE ONE ANTI, Psychiatry & Psychopathy, “Curse of Ham,” Ingersoll Lockwood, Nationalism-Socialism, Old Roman Empire, Inquisitions, “Saint” Peter, Pharisees, “Narcissism-Sociopathy-Psychopathy” Paradigm, “Born Evil,” Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mussolini, Salazar, World Wars I & II, Woodrow Wilson, McKinley, Lincoln, JFK, “Missing” Trillions, Anti-Semitism, Pax Romana, Third-Worldization, Judge Judy, God-Usury, “Moneychangers,” Hierarchies of Good & Evil: Angels, Demons, Arkons, Jinns, etc., “Spare The Rod, Spoil A Child,” Priest Pedophilia,” Reincarnation, “Born Again,” 7th Day – 8th Day Paradigm, “Ceaseless” or Living Prayer, Solomon’s Temple, Restoration of Zion, Empire’s “Paganized” or Sectarian Structure, Plantagenet Tree, “Pay Caesar” VS “Pay God,” Amy Klobuchar, “Lukewarm” Laodicea, David & Goliath Video, The “Fire that doesn’t Consume,” US Constitution, “Little Book Open,” Connie Chung, “Sabbath Day,” The “dead letter” & The Living Spirit, Globalist “Utopianism,” Armageddon, The “Rise of The Elect,” The “Last Trump,” 7 Churches, Transgender.  


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