Adult. NOTE: “Elijah” referenced, meant Ezekiel; “4th Century reference, meant 400’s. Nonviolent, Non-Hateful Solution. I respect Mr. Hoffman, and he encourages victims to tell their stories. Here is mine, built upon 45yrs of study & 5 books (sent to World Leaders, no longer sold by my own decision). JOB 14:2, 7-9, Helen Keller, Priest Pedophilia, Eckhart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey, Old Roman Empire Christian-Persecution, Caesarean-Pharisaical, Mel Gibson, Jew-Gentle Paradigm, Masculine-Feminine Paradigm, Women Are Brethren, First Commandment, God-Usury, Moneychangers, The Rod of God, The One Way & The One Anti, Jesus The Christ (The Living Exemplification of The First Law of Safety/Salvation), Church of Satan, Sabbath Day, God is No Respecter of Days, Baby Mills, Unwed Mothers, “Bastard” Children, Saturnalia VS Christmas, The “False Prophet,” Avro Manhattan, Ingersoll Lockwood, The Talmud (not evil, folks!), The Hebrew Bible, The Vatican & Bank, Queen Elizabeth, “Dialing for Dollars,” 9/11 Coverup, Patriots-turned-Empireists, Six Centuries of Inquisitionisms, World War II, “Rape of Berlin,” Adolf Hitler, Operation Paperclip, Nationalist-Socialist America, Solomon’s Temple, The “Rise of the Elect,” The “Last Trump,” Recent Pedophile Stats in Germany, David & Goliath, John Paul II, Juan Vaca, Mitsubishi Plane Factory, Mission Santa Barbara, David Shurter, Boy’s Town, McMartin Pre-School, “Satanic Cults,” Amy Klobuchar, Gary Sinise (due to “Noise” from HLWD, weeks ago, rallying for him to win the Humanitarian Oscar, Donald Trump, “One Nation Under God,” Anti-Semitism, The Politicization of Zionism via Dispensationalism, JOB 14:7-9.

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