Adult Language, Serious & Sexual Material. Nonviolent, Non-Hateful Solution. Sectarianism (Separatism), “Holy Land,” Restoration of Zion, “The Stone The Builders Rejected,” “Gentile,” Roman Empire rebirthed Holy, “Caught Up in the Clouds,” THE ONE ANTI, “Mark of Cain,” Ceaseless Prayer, Sabbath Day, Moneychangers, “Second Death,” Philistines, King Saul, Valley of Elah, David The Good Shepherd, First-Son/Second-Son Paradigm, Caesarean-Pharisaical Imperialism, The First Marriage, The Judges VS A King, Four Corners of The Earth, Abram EARNS Abra-HAM Atop Mt. Moriah over Isaac, Stone-Hearted VS Stone of Spirit, Animal Cruelty, “Fertility god,” Saturnalia, “Born Evil,” “Holy Grail,” Demons, Arkons, Jinns, Jezebel, Hamite Nature, Elhanan, “Prophesying,” Transgender, Women’s Oppression, Military Misuse, Gary Sinise, Donald Trump, Armageddon, The Substance of Psalm 23, The Abel Way VS Cain’s Marking, “Lilies of The Field,” Law of Safety, River of Life.  

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