Adult Language, Serious & Sexual-Related Material. PART 2. Nonviolent, Non-Hateful Healing. Gary Sinise (DUE TO ‘NOISE’ FROM HOLLYWOOD, WEEKS AGO, I THOUGHT HE WAS UP FOR WINNING THE Humanitarian Oscar, clarified in newer video called ‘Part 2: THE ONE ANTI REJECTED BY POWER…’). Also, correction: Meant to say “1947-48,” not “1945.” Lukewarm “Laodicea,” “Fire That Does Not Consume,” “Grace is Free,” Phallus-Idolatry, “Holy Grail,” “Ceaseless Prayer” VS Literal Prayer, “Holy Land,” “Restoration” of The Zion, Globalism (Empireism), Unwed Mothers, Unseen Marriage VS Literal, Contractual Marriage, “Two Witnesses,” “Nothing New Under The Sun,” The Mystery-Builders, Global Hoarding, Amy Klobuchar, Donald Trump, “Holy” Pedophilia, “New Earth” & “New Universe,” Judgment Day, 14th Amendment, George Soros, “Missing” Trillions, Border Wall, “Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child,” Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, David & Goliath, The ONE ANTI, The Second Coming of The Christ, 9/11 Coverup, Melania Trump, Online Bullying, California Spot-Conflagrations, Climate Change. THE ARMGEDDON BET: Dispensationalism, Communism, Paula White, Solomon’s 666, Women’s Oppression, Transgender, Masculine-Feminine Paradigm, “Burnt Offering,” Judgment Day, Earthquakes “Divers Places,” Destruction of “Atlantis,” Unsolicited LGBT “Ethos” Pride-In-The-Arts Award, John Hagee, 1947-48 “Birth” of Israel, Bob Jones University, The “Last Trump,” “Rise of The Elect,” Humanitarian Gary Sinise, “Let It Happen,” Simon Peter Barjona, Dante’s Inferno, Prometheus, “Second Death.”  

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